The Real on All the Fake

Fake lashes, fake lips, fake brows, fake cheeks, fake butt, fake everything!!! 

**I’m going to make one statement before I dive deep into this so I clear up any misconceptions of hypocrisy. Yes, I have Botox. Yes, I love my Botox. No, I have no other work done. No, I am not opposed to cosmetic enhancements. Yes, I think doctors are too eager to make everyone look like Kylie Jenner. (Rolling my eyes)**

The beauty industry continues to evolve and with that it has mixed with cosmetic procedures and or enhancements. You don’t like your ______?! We can fix that!! 

See, here’s my problem with all of this, 9/10 there’s nothing wrong with you!! But society makes it too easy to think you have flaws.  If your eyelashes aren’t long or thick enough you need to fix it. If you don’t look like you just got punched in your mouth you need to fix that. (Lol ok maybe that was harsh… but you get what I’m saying). What happened to being ok with what we have?! 

I’m not talking about being okay with wrinkles and age spots and alopecia. If you are aging or you’ve lost your lashes then by all means proceed! I’m talking about when you’re 22 and beautiful and you can’t accept who you are because you don’t look like Barbie. 

I have a huge secret for you young girls… YOU’RE NOT ALL GOING TO HAVE WAIST LONG HAIR FULL LIPS A BIG ASS, BOOBS, FLAWLESS SKIN AND LASHES THAT LOOK LIKE GODDAMN BUTTERFLY WINGS!! STOP!!  What makes you an individual is the fact that maybe your nose has a different shape.  Maybe your eyebrows are straight and you don’t have an arch. Maybe your hair is fine. Be okay with what you have. 

I feel like there needs to be some light shed on some of the most common procedures and enhancements. So along with this rant, I’m going to touch base on some of these things based on MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES or from me talking to professionals and close personal friends who are or have received these enhancements. 

Eyelash extensions… I’m starting here because I have so much to say! I am a certified NOVALash extensionist. No, I do not Lash anymore. No, I am not anti-Lash but I do believe there needs to be a lot of education on this subject. I attended a day long training course and became certified. I was told that there was little to no chance of allergic reaction but just like all cosmetics it was recommended to do a test Lash.  I began lashing immediately. I probably lashed about 4-5 people before I had mine done. I loved them. My lashes were never more beautiful. I felt amazing. I felt like I didn’t need makeup. It was GREAT! Let’s fast forward to later that night. I started itching. It kept getting worse.  So much so that I had to remove them with the adhesive remover. I felt instant relief. The next morning I woke up looking like I went 10 round in a boxing ring.  I was black and blue, swollen, weeping, oozing, and in serious pain. I contacted NOVALash and of course they were shocked and didn’t say it couldn’t be the lashes but seriously doubted it.  After a lot of my own personal research I found out I was experiencing a very severe reaction to the Lash adhesive. More specifically the formaldehyde (Yes, you read that correct. The same stuff they use to preserve bodies.) in the adhesive. So I chalked it up. No more lashes for me.  I continued to apply lashes and started to develops respiratory problems. It escalated so quickly that after applying lashes I would have to come home, apply an ice pack to my chest and take an inhaler.  I promptly quit after consulting with a nurse practitioner (NP). 

So why am I telling you this? Because I was NEVER Told any of this. Ever.  Not even in my training. I felt betrayed and mislead. Bottom line: not worth any of this. My advice to you is to do you research! Go to someone who has EXPERIENCE!! Not someone who just started 10 minutes ago. Ask to see a portfolio. Ask for client testimonials. Ask them about allergic reactions. If they deny this run for the hills because it is real!! You will get what you pay for. If you’re paying peanuts expect peanut results. Also, you CAN DAMAGE YOU NATURAL LASHES!!!  Just like improper care with hair extensions, you can have improper care and application with eyelash extensions and ruin your natural lashes. Not to mention eye infections, mites, and styes 😉 

Lip injections… so there’s a right way and a wrong way. A lot of doctors will totally violate the right way to give you the result you think you want and take your money. Do you want to look like Lisa Rinna?! I didn’t think so…  now, I totally support Kylie Jenner in her decision to get her lips done.  Here’s why: she had NONE!!  Sometimes she had them over filled.  Other times I think they look great. But here’s the catch. You’re going to have them re- injected approx every 3 months. There are more long term options but they are expensive. If you’re paying minimal there’s probably an issue. And if you’re going to a doctor or NP that is willing to inject whatever into your face in whatever amount you want there’s a problem and you need to run!! 

“Permanent makeup”/ microblading …  I have the least issue with this. It isn’t permanent. You will need to re touched in a few years so there’s not much risk there. What you do need to be aware of is what you are asking for. What technique best suits the look you are going for. Again you’re getting what you’re paying for.  Do your research. Ask to see a portfolio. ASK QUESTIONS! Don’t think that it’s ok to go to someone who went to a seminar and learned last week but what’s to charge you $750 to Microblade your brows. It is your personal responsibility to research and decide what you want and get educated by your technician! 

Fillers… if you’re under 35 and you’re getting filler (and you don’t have a serious reason ie. acne scarring, some disfigurement etc) you need to seek professional help in the way of counseling for your body issues. I don’t mean that in a mean way at all but you need to get your life together. Did I mention it’s expensive? You can over do this!! We all know what kris Jenner looks like when she gets her filler.  Do you want to look like this? No I didn’t think so. Fillers are meant to replace what natural again is taking from your skin. I think they are amazing when it’s appropriate. And trust and believe when I’m 40 I’ll be looking into it.  Could I get it now? Sure.  But I don’t need it. I don’t want to start this early and I do not need it! Aging is natural.  It’s going to happen and if you’re not ok with that then you need to find a way to get okay with it.  

Fake butts… this is gonna be short and sweet.  Not everyone is meant to have a big butt.  Get over it.  If your hamstring to butt ratio is off we ALL know it’s fake. You can spot a fake butt from a mile away I don’t care what anyone says. If you want a nice butt you better pick up the weights, PERIOD! 

Boob jobs… personally I’m a fan. If you’re doing this for you then god bless you.  If you’re doing it for attention, again, seek professional counseling. If you are under 25 you have no business  however if you’re going to get them DO IT RIGHT!!!!!! Again do your research. And you will get what you pay for. We’ve all seen bad breast augmentations. If you are interested see the best surgeon you can!! Again, educate yourself! 

I’m not here to “hate” on any of these things.  I’ve always said if I had the money I’d be doing some of these things too. But in all honesty you have to love yourself first.  Hold on, because I know most of you didn’t let that sink in… YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.  We aren’t meant to look the same.  We aren’t all made to have perfect faces and breasts and bodies.  We are meant to age and get wrinkles and gravity will pull things down. You’re going to get spider veins.  You’re going to get age spots. You’re not going to have the same thick hair as your sister, cousin, best friend. But that is what makes us individuals. It’s alarming to me to see so many young girls look so eerily similar. It is okay to be different. 

The last intention I have upon writing this is to spread negativity or bad talk toward these procedures. I just want people to do their research. Go to the best person possible if you are going to have a procedure done. And maybe sit with yourself and really think about if it’s worth it to have that procedure done. Maybe you will be okay with yourself in time.  Maybe that procedure you wanted at 18 won’t be as important at 22. And maybe at 26 you’ll be thanking yourself that you didn’t get that procedure done, because you love what makes you different.