Telling My Story

In hindsight I never stood a chance. Both my mother and father are both professionally diagnosed with a lovely array of neurosis. There was no way I would come out unscathed by the amount of mental illness that runs within both sides of my family.  Back that up with being raised in a time when mental health wasn’t even a blip on the radar.  My generation still had the old school views of “suck it up”, “the kids just hyper”, “they’re just a bad seed”.  Serious problems were blamed on puberty, hormones, etc. I don’t even really remember how I first brought my depression/anxiety to my PCP, but i think it began with my fathers bi-polar II diagnosis…

I remember being prescribed multiple anti depressants with horrific side effects. Weight gain, mania, self harming thoughts, people harming thoughts, insomnia,  just to name a few. My PCP was less that supportive and i was tired of swallowing pills with terrible reactions. I closed that door, so did my practitioner.  Nothing was ever addressed again. I simply thought this is just how it is. After all, Xanax was the equivalent to a tic tac and opioids were prescribed to everyone. Maybe this was just life?

Now, I try to look back as far as I can. Why do I hate the holidays? Why do I hate winter? Did something happen?  I was always sick in December. I always remember being sad. Being removed. Being more self destructive during those late fall/winter months. Drinking excessively was the norm and pretty much the only way I was leaving the house (not to mention alcohol is so commercialized and normal no one would have ever noticed the issue then). That’s the funny thing about re-occurring cycles, I don’t think you really notice how frequent/timing until it’s been quite a while Almost 15 years later I’m realizing the big pattern. My wife pointed it out to me that for most of my life I lived in survival mode. My father was incredibly abusive to my mother, myself, our pets, our home… basically anything he came into contact with. My mother suffered debilitating depression and she truly managed everything in the best way she knew how. I now love and admire her for how she was able to truly survive her illness and protect me at the same time.  Sadly, the damage was being done and the foundation was laid and this is where i have been for many, many years… in survival mode.

Being in a healthy and safe relationship has allowed me to recognize patterns and behaviors that are still keeping me in a state of survival mode. I simply thought everyone suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety. But what I didn’t realize was that it isn’t normal to lay in bed and sob for no reason for days or weeks. It’s not normal to have rolling anxiety attacks. It is not normal to have panic attacks that render you helpless and exhausted. It isn’t proper to purposefully isolate myself, be as mean and ruthless as possible just to push people away because the only emotions I could process are anger and happiness because those were two acceptable emotions for you to express as a child/adolescent.

In the past year, I have had two (what I would consider) bad episodes. Maybe even the worst simply because of where I am in my life. Until this past year, I blamed a lot of the episodes on seasonal depression, toxic relationships, poor stress management, etc. Bad relationships with people who only triggered and mocked my mental health. Prescription drugs and alcohol. Financial stress. Family dysfunction. NOT A SINGLE ONE of these issues plagued me this year. As a matter of fact, my life has been pretty phenomenal the last 4 years. Better every year to be exact…. except when it came to my mental health.

Apparently this is/was hard for most people to believe. Whenever I would open up to anyone the first question is always “how are you and crystal?” Honestly this pissed me off more than anything. I thought “how dare you”.  How obtuse, how ignorant. I despised that people are so quick to project their own issues with their relationships onto our relationship. Anyone who gave a damn to pay attention to how my wife and I interact would know that’s impossible. Hell, you don’t even need eyes to feel the love we have for one another. I know most people don’t believe how perfect my life truly is. And this is exactly why I am choosing to write about this. Not because I want anyone’s sympathy or attention. If you know me these are the last two things I want from ANYONE. I don’t like attention. I don’t like emotions. But it upsets me so much that people (including myself) don’t realize that you can be “strong” and suffer from mental illness. You can just be anxious. You can experience depression.  I’m not saying for no reason, typically it’s latent unresolved trauma and/or chemical imbalances but it’s not always the spouse, or the kids, or someone’s job… My wife is nothing but supportive. We have an amazing life filled with more than I ever imagined I’d have. So what the fuck is my problem? I know what my problems are and they aren’t big enough to cause this. Is there really something “wrong” with me? I will not lie, it’s been hard for me to deal with but I am sorting things out. And they’re for me to deal with along with my medical care team and therapist. But what I realized is I am not alone. And it makes me so sad to think of other people who have felt and feel the way I do/did.

If you have ever been so depressed you just wanted to disappear you’ll understand some of what I am talking about. I’m not talking necessarily about actually taking your own life… but just literally wanting to disappear because you think everyone around you would be better without having to deal your shit (and yes I’m aware this still counts as suicidal thoughts). To ME it feels a little like this… I’m so anxious about leaving the house I would rather rip my skin off I know it seems extreme but there is so much happening so fast in my mind that I spin out of control and I want to come out of my body. My head and chest are so full of this creepy crawling feeling that I want to just explode in public just to get away or out of a situation. When my friends/family take my “bad attitude” personally but in all reality I am scared to death and I am in pure panic and I am only trying to deflect everyone from my general direction because I don’t want anyone to see me like this or I am scared of how I may lash out— the point is you’ll never understand if you haven’t suffered from mental illness.

Maybe you’re asking yourself why share this if you don’t want attention? I like helping people. I want people to feel okay with themselves. Shit, I would like people to understand me better. On the outside people say I look happy, confident, secure, maybe even intimidating. I’m sure people think I’m a bitch as well (admittedly i can be). Point is, these aren’t traits of a depressed person. A lot of the time I don’t even know I’m headed in this downward spiral until it’s too late. One minute I’m on cloud 9 then I’m falling down this endless pit. It just happens.

For the past two years I have had more bad (mental) times than good. I recently chose to leave a very successful job of 5 years. My mental health was deteriorating and it became painfully obvious during the COVID-19 pandemic that I did not want to return to this place. Full disclosure… I had been considering leaving for 2 years. I just didn’t know what to do. I had promised myself that I would NEVER change jobs again. What did I learn from this? Never say never.

****Side note: I didn’t even want to give the satisfaction of even addressing rumors but since there’s so many out there floating around I may as well give MY version of MY reality and what was happening to ME.  NO ONE “made” me leave, NO ONE influenced me to leave, NO ONE “took me with them” and if you want to talk about a “ring leader” let me be the one to tell you I lead my own ring over here so lets just cut that shit out immediately.

I considered changing careers. I considered moving away to start over. I really didn’t know what to do. Having written the original draft of this on a late night/early morning in January I still had no clue what was going to happen for me. I had recently been given the opportunity to become an independent educator and that was giving me vital energy to push forward. I had previously applied to be an educator and couldn’t accept the position because I was no longer working with this brand in salon. So when this opportunity presented itself I was so happy. When this new opportunity became peppered with greed, jealousy, rumor, miscommunication and hatred I realized so many things that I just could not look past or continue to be a part of. Then COVID hit. Everything came to a screeching halt. During the time off I didn’t even want to think about my career. I was so over hair and anything related to it. The several weeks off were everything I needed and I won’t lie, I LOVED quarantine! I was being optimistic in thinking that I would be off work through the summer so when the governor announced we could return to work in 2 week time I was devastated to say the least. I missed all of my clients and friends but I couldn’t shake the physical and mental symptoms that plagued me. It was a very quick decision to leave but that decision left me feeling free and happier than I had been in a while. I knew I made the right decision instantly.

So there it is folks. Yes it helps me talk about my mental health struggles, but I also want to help other people feel not so alone. Because I feel alone but I know I am not. I’m grateful for therapy. I’m grateful for phenomenal friends that are there for me whenever I need them (which isn’t often but I know you’re there) and my wife– to whom a thank you doesn’t even come close to being enough. I can’t imagine how people struggle without a support system.

I also needed to take this time to lightly tell my story. A job is a JOB. Yes you need to love what you do. But you also need to love where you do what you love. You are allowed to change careers or jobs. You don’t owe any employer anything but the respect they show you. You aren’t their property or possession. And you are allowed to make decisions that put you, your family, your mental health first. You aren’t “fucked up” or “ungrateful” for changing jobs either. I think living in a small town makes this concept a little more foreign but contrary to the “popular” belief most people change jobs, positions, careers multiple times in their life. It’s also okay if you commit your life to a singular job. Both are your choice and should never be up for scrutiny or debate from others. In fact, if you are trash talking because someone made a career change maybe it’s you that needs it? Maybe you’re jealous? Maybe you are just that miserable that you have nothing better to do but gossip?

So that’s my little story. I hope this gives someone else the courage to seek help, the desire to improve their life, the support to make a big change or the courage to tell their story. I also hope this makes society realize that people suffering from mental illness need support. It is NOT just their mindset, it is NOT their perspective, they don’t need to just cheer up. STOP trying to shrink or invalidate our realities. It is NOT always an external source causing a problem either. After all mental illness is usually some form of chemical imbalance, neurological issue, cognitive/behavioral issue or a delightful combination of things. If someone you know is battling mental illness check on them! Ask them how you can help. Sometimes we don’t want to take the help but just knowing we are on the minds of others can be enough to give you a much needed re-direct.  Let them know you care and respect their boundaries. Some people may be very open (like myself) while others may choose to remain quiet about their struggles.  I hope this insights satiates you curiosity. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think people would want to read this blog just to find some juicy tid bit of drama or gossip pertaining to my recent career move. I hope that if you came for a shallow reason that you are leaving with a deeper understanding. Thank you for you time.

The Real on All the Fake

Fake lashes, fake lips, fake brows, fake cheeks, fake butt, fake everything!!! 

**I’m going to make one statement before I dive deep into this so I clear up any misconceptions of hypocrisy. Yes, I have Botox. Yes, I love my Botox. No, I have no other work done. No, I am not opposed to cosmetic enhancements. Yes, I think doctors are too eager to make everyone look like Kylie Jenner. (Rolling my eyes)**

The beauty industry continues to evolve and with that it has mixed with cosmetic procedures and or enhancements. You don’t like your ______?! We can fix that!! 

See, here’s my problem with all of this, 9/10 there’s nothing wrong with you!! But society makes it too easy to think you have flaws.  If your eyelashes aren’t long or thick enough you need to fix it. If you don’t look like you just got punched in your mouth you need to fix that. (Lol ok maybe that was harsh… but you get what I’m saying). What happened to being ok with what we have?! 

I’m not talking about being okay with wrinkles and age spots and alopecia. If you are aging or you’ve lost your lashes then by all means proceed! I’m talking about when you’re 22 and beautiful and you can’t accept who you are because you don’t look like Barbie. 

I have a huge secret for you young girls… YOU’RE NOT ALL GOING TO HAVE WAIST LONG HAIR FULL LIPS A BIG ASS, BOOBS, FLAWLESS SKIN AND LASHES THAT LOOK LIKE GODDAMN BUTTERFLY WINGS!! STOP!!  What makes you an individual is the fact that maybe your nose has a different shape.  Maybe your eyebrows are straight and you don’t have an arch. Maybe your hair is fine. Be okay with what you have. 

I feel like there needs to be some light shed on some of the most common procedures and enhancements. So along with this rant, I’m going to touch base on some of these things based on MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES or from me talking to professionals and close personal friends who are or have received these enhancements. 

Eyelash extensions… I’m starting here because I have so much to say! I am a certified NOVALash extensionist. No, I do not Lash anymore. No, I am not anti-Lash but I do believe there needs to be a lot of education on this subject. I attended a day long training course and became certified. I was told that there was little to no chance of allergic reaction but just like all cosmetics it was recommended to do a test Lash.  I began lashing immediately. I probably lashed about 4-5 people before I had mine done. I loved them. My lashes were never more beautiful. I felt amazing. I felt like I didn’t need makeup. It was GREAT! Let’s fast forward to later that night. I started itching. It kept getting worse.  So much so that I had to remove them with the adhesive remover. I felt instant relief. The next morning I woke up looking like I went 10 round in a boxing ring.  I was black and blue, swollen, weeping, oozing, and in serious pain. I contacted NOVALash and of course they were shocked and didn’t say it couldn’t be the lashes but seriously doubted it.  After a lot of my own personal research I found out I was experiencing a very severe reaction to the Lash adhesive. More specifically the formaldehyde (Yes, you read that correct. The same stuff they use to preserve bodies.) in the adhesive. So I chalked it up. No more lashes for me.  I continued to apply lashes and started to develops respiratory problems. It escalated so quickly that after applying lashes I would have to come home, apply an ice pack to my chest and take an inhaler.  I promptly quit after consulting with a nurse practitioner (NP). 

So why am I telling you this? Because I was NEVER Told any of this. Ever.  Not even in my training. I felt betrayed and mislead. Bottom line: not worth any of this. My advice to you is to do you research! Go to someone who has EXPERIENCE!! Not someone who just started 10 minutes ago. Ask to see a portfolio. Ask for client testimonials. Ask them about allergic reactions. If they deny this run for the hills because it is real!! You will get what you pay for. If you’re paying peanuts expect peanut results. Also, you CAN DAMAGE YOU NATURAL LASHES!!!  Just like improper care with hair extensions, you can have improper care and application with eyelash extensions and ruin your natural lashes. Not to mention eye infections, mites, and styes 😉 

Lip injections… so there’s a right way and a wrong way. A lot of doctors will totally violate the right way to give you the result you think you want and take your money. Do you want to look like Lisa Rinna?! I didn’t think so…  now, I totally support Kylie Jenner in her decision to get her lips done.  Here’s why: she had NONE!!  Sometimes she had them over filled.  Other times I think they look great. But here’s the catch. You’re going to have them re- injected approx every 3 months. There are more long term options but they are expensive. If you’re paying minimal there’s probably an issue. And if you’re going to a doctor or NP that is willing to inject whatever into your face in whatever amount you want there’s a problem and you need to run!! 

“Permanent makeup”/ microblading …  I have the least issue with this. It isn’t permanent. You will need to re touched in a few years so there’s not much risk there. What you do need to be aware of is what you are asking for. What technique best suits the look you are going for. Again you’re getting what you’re paying for.  Do your research. Ask to see a portfolio. ASK QUESTIONS! Don’t think that it’s ok to go to someone who went to a seminar and learned last week but what’s to charge you $750 to Microblade your brows. It is your personal responsibility to research and decide what you want and get educated by your technician! 

Fillers… if you’re under 35 and you’re getting filler (and you don’t have a serious reason ie. acne scarring, some disfigurement etc) you need to seek professional help in the way of counseling for your body issues. I don’t mean that in a mean way at all but you need to get your life together. Did I mention it’s expensive? You can over do this!! We all know what kris Jenner looks like when she gets her filler.  Do you want to look like this? No I didn’t think so. Fillers are meant to replace what natural again is taking from your skin. I think they are amazing when it’s appropriate. And trust and believe when I’m 40 I’ll be looking into it.  Could I get it now? Sure.  But I don’t need it. I don’t want to start this early and I do not need it! Aging is natural.  It’s going to happen and if you’re not ok with that then you need to find a way to get okay with it.  

Fake butts… this is gonna be short and sweet.  Not everyone is meant to have a big butt.  Get over it.  If your hamstring to butt ratio is off we ALL know it’s fake. You can spot a fake butt from a mile away I don’t care what anyone says. If you want a nice butt you better pick up the weights, PERIOD! 

Boob jobs… personally I’m a fan. If you’re doing this for you then god bless you.  If you’re doing it for attention, again, seek professional counseling. If you are under 25 you have no business  however if you’re going to get them DO IT RIGHT!!!!!! Again do your research. And you will get what you pay for. We’ve all seen bad breast augmentations. If you are interested see the best surgeon you can!! Again, educate yourself! 

I’m not here to “hate” on any of these things.  I’ve always said if I had the money I’d be doing some of these things too. But in all honesty you have to love yourself first.  Hold on, because I know most of you didn’t let that sink in… YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.  We aren’t meant to look the same.  We aren’t all made to have perfect faces and breasts and bodies.  We are meant to age and get wrinkles and gravity will pull things down. You’re going to get spider veins.  You’re going to get age spots. You’re not going to have the same thick hair as your sister, cousin, best friend. But that is what makes us individuals. It’s alarming to me to see so many young girls look so eerily similar. It is okay to be different. 

The last intention I have upon writing this is to spread negativity or bad talk toward these procedures. I just want people to do their research. Go to the best person possible if you are going to have a procedure done. And maybe sit with yourself and really think about if it’s worth it to have that procedure done. Maybe you will be okay with yourself in time.  Maybe that procedure you wanted at 18 won’t be as important at 22. And maybe at 26 you’ll be thanking yourself that you didn’t get that procedure done, because you love what makes you different.  

Want longer, thicker hair instantly? Read this first.

Prior to working at Legal Hair, my knowledge of hair extensions has been limited to the “clip in” variety. Over the past several weeks, I have picked the brain of our resident extension guru, Lisa Mort, as well as done my own research into the matter.  There is so much information out there! There are so many companies and styles, no wonder it can be deceiving and misleading when deciding which path is best for in individual. Legal Hair offers tape-in and bonded extensions by Great Lengths Extensions and clip-ins by Victoria’s Secret Hair. So, I’m here to shed some light and help decide if extensions are for you.

I’ll start of here: Great Lengths . Great Lengths extension company has been in business for more than 20 years! This company is certainly a stand out, taking pride in the quality of their extensions (even treating the hair with the same care as cashmere).  For more specific information feel free to click the link and check out all the details on their website!

Now let’s get into the good stuff…

So, you want extensions. What’s the next step?

Miss Lisa was kind enough to lend me her time and knowledge to help us out here. SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION!!! Can’t stress this enough! After you have found a certified stylist (Lisa is by the way.), you will need to have a nice sit down with them. This is important for multiple reasons. You, as the client, need to be able to ask questions and feel safe and confident with your stylist. Your stylist needs to be able to diagnose and evaluate your hair so they can properly help you achieve your desired look.  Sure, anyone can order some extensions online and attempt to put them in your hair, but I’ll just leave this suggestion here: look up extension fails online and see if you still want to risk that haha!

From the Start

You must have at least 4 inches of hair on your head to even think about getting extensions.  So you have 4 inches, great, now what? Well, what type of maintenance are you comfortable with? What’s your budget?  Let’s call this scenario #1:

  • You have at least 4 inches of hair.
  • You are looking for the most minimal maintenance.
  • Least expensive budget
  • You’re just looking to add length when you feel like it/a pop of color/volume for a formal style.

Sounds like you’re going to be a prime candidate for clip in extensions!

ext4   ext6

(Left – Victoria Secret clip-in extensions. ; Right – Model with custom-colored VS extensions.)

So what are clip in extensions? Clip in extensions are extensions that are sewn together with clips attached at either end that are placed into your hair for temporary length, volume, or an addition of fun color. Maybe you need length for your wedding day or formal event. Maybe you love purple hair but don’t want to lighten your own hair. Maybe you like to switch back and forth between short hair and long hair looks.  This is always my go-to suggestion. It’s low maintenance, and for the average need this fits the bill. These extensions are 100% human hair and can be colored to your desire! I always recommend a consultation with these as well. You can see any stylist at Legal Hair to be fitted with clip-in extensions.

Alright we are jump to scenario #2:

  • You want to add length and/or thickness.
  • You’re not worried about a budget but don’t want to make this a 6-8 week habit.
  • You aren’t worried about at home maintenance. You’d rather come in every 4-6 months and not worry about repeated visits.

Say hello to Great Lengths bonded extensions!

ext5   ext1

(Left – Actual bonded extensions from Great Lengths. ; Right – Model with both bonded and tape-in combination.)

With bonded extensions you will be looking at 4-6 months of extension bliss. You will also be spending several hours with your stylist as this application can take upward of 9 hours!  Bonded extensions come with the most natural movement and have the least amount of stress on the hair. A well-trained stylist knows what type of hair can handle a bonded extension and knows what hair may be too damaged to handle this. Great Length extensions use high frequency waves to create the bond with your hair which is quite different from the heat bonds or plastic/metal clamped bonds presented by other companies making it safer for the hair.

So what’s the catch? Well, all good things come with a price. You’re going to need to brush your hair with a special brush daily. If you want your bonds to stay and be the most gentle on your hair you will need to apply a special bond moisturizer to the bonds. This will keep them in the best shape, protect your hair, and protect your investment. You will also need to wash with a special shampoo – sulfate free life baby! Then, like all good things, they come to an end. In approx. 4-6 months your hair will have grown so much that you will need to make another visit to the salon, have your bonded extensions removed and purchase a new set and either repeat this process or rock out with your own longer, natural hair. It’s a small price to pay for the hair of your dreams right?   *Full pricing upon consultation*

Scenario #3:

  • Maybe you just have a spot or two that need love?
  • Maybe you damaged one side of your hair more than the other?
  • Maybe you have alopecia areata ?
  • Maybe you want to treat yourself for a special salon visit every 6-8 months?

Just a panel of color—this is up your alley! We are talking about tape-in extensions.

ext2   ext3

(Left – Actual tape-in extensions from Great Lengths. ; Right – Model with tape-in extensions.)

Here’s the beauty of tape-in extensions : add a little or a lot. These extensions have a special adhesive that is safe for application on the hair. There is a band of adhesive that is custom mapped and placed onto your hair based on your desired look. You will have to re-adjust these extensions every 6-8weeks and can re-use the same extensions 2-3 times based on how well you take care of your hair outside of the salon.  Again, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner are your best friends.  Most people can achieve a total transformation with just one pack of hair. These extensions are good for both length and thickness!  At Legal Hair both Eimile and Lisa are certified for tape-in extensions *$300 min thickness $750min length. Full pricing upon consultation*

Let’s bring this on home.

WHEW! This is a lot of information. And to be honest, this is just scratching the surface!

There is a lot to be learned in the field of extensions! Legal Hair also offers wigs, pieces, top extensions, and any combination of these listed and the above. Bottom line is that it’s in your best interest to see a professional!! They’re expensive, they require some degree of maintenance and care BUT they’re worth every penny!!

I hope I’ve provided more answers than questions but, as always, feel free to shoot me your questions. Call Legal Hair at 740-264-4647 and schedule your consultation if you’re interested in more detailed and personalized information!! Have a great day!




You Washed Your Hair When?!

“You Washed Your Hair When?!”

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard this reaction.

That’s right , I usually wash my hair every 5-7 days…DAYS!!!


The longest I’ve ever gone has been 9 days. I actually despise washing my hair before day 3. I’m sure most of you reading this are sitting there thinking “Why? That’s nasty.” Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. I have a crap ton of hair, and I am lazy and do not want to dry—let alone wash it—more than I really have to.
  2. I would burn through product faster than I would ever care to think about.
  3. I have thick, curly, chemically-treated hair that would be as dry as an old bone if I washed it every day, other day or second day.
  4. Your body’s own natural oil is the best source of moisture.

I’m sure if I was given the time I could come up with several more reasons but I think you get the point.

Too often it is said that a persons’ hair is too oily after 1 day or even 12 hours. Well, I’m sure it is. I am sure that after washing your hair every day that your scalp is so dry it has no choice but to product more and more oil. This is why I always suggest that you take it a day at a time. Even just washing every other day is a huge step!

Then there’s the topic of dry shampoo. I’ll be honest with you here. I’m not PERSONALLY the biggest fan. I think they smell good (most of them) and I think they serve a purpose, but I cannot stand the feeling of that product on my scalp. I will use them in emergency situations (i.e. my hair smells like bacon, I’ve been to a bonfire, my hair smells like hair and I’m too lazy to wash it that day). I know many people love them and swear by them, and I think that it’s great and a smart idea to extend your style and save yourself some time. But, in the big picture of things it’s just not my cup of tea.

So here I am on a Tuesday writing this post, and I’m not even sure when I washed my hair last. Hopefully, it was at least 3 days ago, because I feel motivated to wash it. I hope at least one person that reads this feels inspired to push their style that 1 extra day.



Get Glossed

“I’m going to get you glossed.”

“I’ll be right back with your toner.”

“Let’s shine you up.”

If you’re a client of mine, or get your hair colored by any hairstylist, I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase or something like it. So what the hell are we talking about? Well, without getting too far into another subject (toners – which I’ll talk about at another time), let’s talk about Redken ShadesEQ.


Here is a beautiful visual example of what a glossing session can do. During this guests visit we only glossed her hair with Shades EQ for 20 minutes and finished with a blow out.

Shades EQ is a demi-permanent (minimal lift/not to be confused with permanent color) hair-color. This specific product is the #1 demi-permanent hair color in the U.S.  This delivers a shot of color, conditioning and shine to the hair.  This product gives colorists the ability to boost shine, blend gray, or deposit a tone of you and your colorists choosing.  This line boasts the benefit of NO AMMONIA for minimized cuticle damage. While we formulate the best color for your look, Shades EQ is strengthening, conditioning, and adding incredible shine.

The thing I love most about Shades EQ is that I have about 60 different colors to pick from and I can mix these in any combination I want (holy colors!). I can give my guest a truly individual color. Depending on what we are going for I may leave this color on for 5 minutes or 20 minutes. I can stand and watch my blondes go from eek to ahh. I can watch someone feel like their color was drab and lifeless to robust and revived.  SEQ is a great option between your regularly scheduled appointments as well. As opposed to letting your color get to a point where you are dying to get to your touch up, come in at the half way point and treat yourself to a “glossing” treatment (which will be about an hour of your time. Color+blowdry).  Not only are you going to give your color a boost, but you will be filling your hair in with pigment and moisture—hello conditioning treatment!

Hopefully you feel a little more educated and confident in Shades EQ. Feel free to ask more questions or get glossed!



Science Lesson of the Day

I wanted to share a little story with some of you.

I had a conversation with Stacie Moore Poch and Mary Kate Krivoniak about how dry not only my skin was but several other people. (As you all know I am a die hard and strict user of the Eminence Organic Skin Care line. I have seen amazing results as have several of my family members and friends (clients).)

So I asked these ladies what more can i do? I am using serums and oils and moisturizing with no relief. That was the problem… I was only MOISTURIZING. So, here’s a little science lesson for you guys!

* A moisturizer’s main responsibility is to reduce trans-epidermal water loss by forming a barrier over the skin’s surface. (basically seals a layer of moisture over the skin. superficial)

* HYDRATING products are designed to increase the water content of the skin. (internal hydration via plumping up the cells in the skin to hold in water)



This information rocked my world. I realized that while I was using some of the best products I have ever used it wasn’t treating the most important issue. I was internally lacking water! Not only did I need to increase my intake of water. Let me say that again… I NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER… and I need to hydrate my skin. MIND BLOWN!

So, bottom line, if you are slathering on moisturizer and your skin is still rough, dry, dull you probably need a change to your skin care regimen! Stop in this week at Legal Hair and Day Spa and check out some of these great products!

Redken blog Feature

Hello friends!!! I have been honored to be featured in the latest blog by Redken!! This specific entree features the top 10 fantasy hair color trends of 2016 and I was lucky enough to be featured in their #5 spot!!!!! Thank you to Redken for this amazing honor. And also a huge thank you to my wonderful TEAM at Legal Hair and Day Spa. It takes a team to make dreams like this a reality and I am so blessed to be a part of this salon.


Check it out Redken’s full article here:


Vegas Redken symposium

Beyond blessed to be part of such an amazing team. Legal Hair and Day Spa at the Redken symposium has been truly amazing. It’s so wonderful to be part of this family.

Two days to go and Las Vegas has already been so much fun. It’s amazing to see what team work and hard work can bring you.

Shades EQ Gloss

Do you have 15-20 minutes to sit like my guest on the left? What if I told you it’s like a small miracle if you did?! Schedule an appointment Legal Hair and Day Spa for a shades eq gloss and find out for yourself how amazing this express service can be!