Want longer, thicker hair instantly? Read this first.

Prior to working at Legal Hair, my knowledge of hair extensions has been limited to the “clip in” variety. Over the past several weeks, I have picked the brain of our resident extension guru, Lisa Mort, as well as done my own research into the matter.  There is so much information out there! There are so many companies and styles, no wonder it can be deceiving and misleading when deciding which path is best for in individual. Legal Hair offers tape-in and bonded extensions by Great Lengths Extensions and clip-ins by Victoria’s Secret Hair. So, I’m here to shed some light and help decide if extensions are for you.

I’ll start of here: Great Lengths . Great Lengths extension company has been in business for more than 20 years! This company is certainly a stand out, taking pride in the quality of their extensions (even treating the hair with the same care as cashmere).  For more specific information feel free to click the link and check out all the details on their website!

Now let’s get into the good stuff…

So, you want extensions. What’s the next step?

Miss Lisa was kind enough to lend me her time and knowledge to help us out here. SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION!!! Can’t stress this enough! After you have found a certified stylist (Lisa is by the way.), you will need to have a nice sit down with them. This is important for multiple reasons. You, as the client, need to be able to ask questions and feel safe and confident with your stylist. Your stylist needs to be able to diagnose and evaluate your hair so they can properly help you achieve your desired look.  Sure, anyone can order some extensions online and attempt to put them in your hair, but I’ll just leave this suggestion here: look up extension fails online and see if you still want to risk that haha!

From the Start

You must have at least 4 inches of hair on your head to even think about getting extensions.  So you have 4 inches, great, now what? Well, what type of maintenance are you comfortable with? What’s your budget?  Let’s call this scenario #1:

  • You have at least 4 inches of hair.
  • You are looking for the most minimal maintenance.
  • Least expensive budget
  • You’re just looking to add length when you feel like it/a pop of color/volume for a formal style.

Sounds like you’re going to be a prime candidate for clip in extensions!

ext4   ext6

(Left – Victoria Secret clip-in extensions. ; Right – Model with custom-colored VS extensions.)

So what are clip in extensions? Clip in extensions are extensions that are sewn together with clips attached at either end that are placed into your hair for temporary length, volume, or an addition of fun color. Maybe you need length for your wedding day or formal event. Maybe you love purple hair but don’t want to lighten your own hair. Maybe you like to switch back and forth between short hair and long hair looks.  This is always my go-to suggestion. It’s low maintenance, and for the average need this fits the bill. These extensions are 100% human hair and can be colored to your desire! I always recommend a consultation with these as well. You can see any stylist at Legal Hair to be fitted with clip-in extensions.

Alright we are jump to scenario #2:

  • You want to add length and/or thickness.
  • You’re not worried about a budget but don’t want to make this a 6-8 week habit.
  • You aren’t worried about at home maintenance. You’d rather come in every 4-6 months and not worry about repeated visits.

Say hello to Great Lengths bonded extensions!

ext5   ext1

(Left – Actual bonded extensions from Great Lengths. ; Right – Model with both bonded and tape-in combination.)

With bonded extensions you will be looking at 4-6 months of extension bliss. You will also be spending several hours with your stylist as this application can take upward of 9 hours!  Bonded extensions come with the most natural movement and have the least amount of stress on the hair. A well-trained stylist knows what type of hair can handle a bonded extension and knows what hair may be too damaged to handle this. Great Length extensions use high frequency waves to create the bond with your hair which is quite different from the heat bonds or plastic/metal clamped bonds presented by other companies making it safer for the hair.

So what’s the catch? Well, all good things come with a price. You’re going to need to brush your hair with a special brush daily. If you want your bonds to stay and be the most gentle on your hair you will need to apply a special bond moisturizer to the bonds. This will keep them in the best shape, protect your hair, and protect your investment. You will also need to wash with a special shampoo – sulfate free life baby! Then, like all good things, they come to an end. In approx. 4-6 months your hair will have grown so much that you will need to make another visit to the salon, have your bonded extensions removed and purchase a new set and either repeat this process or rock out with your own longer, natural hair. It’s a small price to pay for the hair of your dreams right?   *Full pricing upon consultation*

Scenario #3:

  • Maybe you just have a spot or two that need love?
  • Maybe you damaged one side of your hair more than the other?
  • Maybe you have alopecia areata ?
  • Maybe you want to treat yourself for a special salon visit every 6-8 months?

Just a panel of color—this is up your alley! We are talking about tape-in extensions.

ext2   ext3

(Left – Actual tape-in extensions from Great Lengths. ; Right – Model with tape-in extensions.)

Here’s the beauty of tape-in extensions : add a little or a lot. These extensions have a special adhesive that is safe for application on the hair. There is a band of adhesive that is custom mapped and placed onto your hair based on your desired look. You will have to re-adjust these extensions every 6-8weeks and can re-use the same extensions 2-3 times based on how well you take care of your hair outside of the salon.  Again, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner are your best friends.  Most people can achieve a total transformation with just one pack of hair. These extensions are good for both length and thickness!  At Legal Hair both Eimile and Lisa are certified for tape-in extensions *$300 min thickness $750min length. Full pricing upon consultation*

Let’s bring this on home.

WHEW! This is a lot of information. And to be honest, this is just scratching the surface!

There is a lot to be learned in the field of extensions! Legal Hair also offers wigs, pieces, top extensions, and any combination of these listed and the above. Bottom line is that it’s in your best interest to see a professional!! They’re expensive, they require some degree of maintenance and care BUT they’re worth every penny!!

I hope I’ve provided more answers than questions but, as always, feel free to shoot me your questions. Call Legal Hair at 740-264-4647 and schedule your consultation if you’re interested in more detailed and personalized information!! Have a great day!




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