Science Lesson of the Day

I wanted to share a little story with some of you.

I had a conversation with Stacie Moore Poch and Mary Kate Krivoniak about how dry not only my skin was but several other people. (As you all know I am a die hard and strict user of the Eminence Organic Skin Care line. I have seen amazing results as have several of my family members and friends (clients).)

So I asked these ladies what more can i do? I am using serums and oils and moisturizing with no relief. That was the problem… I was only MOISTURIZING. So, here’s a little science lesson for you guys!

* A moisturizer’s main responsibility is to reduce trans-epidermal water loss by forming a barrier over the skin’s surface. (basically seals a layer of moisture over the skin. superficial)

* HYDRATING products are designed to increase the water content of the skin. (internal hydration via plumping up the cells in the skin to hold in water)



This information rocked my world. I realized that while I was using some of the best products I have ever used it wasn’t treating the most important issue. I was internally lacking water! Not only did I need to increase my intake of water. Let me say that again… I NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER… and I need to hydrate my skin. MIND BLOWN!

So, bottom line, if you are slathering on moisturizer and your skin is still rough, dry, dull you probably need a change to your skin care regimen! Stop in this week at Legal Hair and Day Spa and check out some of these great products!

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